Glow Up feat. Quavo,DJ Khaled,Missy Elliott

Glow Up feat. Quavo,DJ Khaled,Missy Elliott

Track by Mary J. Blige


作詞:メアリー・J.ブライジ/Quavious Marshall/Melissa Elliott/K. Khaled/Darhyl "DJ" Camper/J.Sullivan

作曲:メアリー・J.ブライジ/Quavious Marshall/Melissa Elliott/K. Khaled/Darhyl "DJ" Camper/J.Sullivan

Mary J. Blige Glow up DJ Khaled I got it Yeah I had to get up Get up I still kill da game Nigga get out Get out I come back better Fuck wit me You gon have yaself greater Aye yep Shut up Chicks like me'll stay down never ever Woo Cause when I rolled up See my pocket swollen up Ladies we gon show up Show em out We glow up U can be mad if u wanna (Mad if u wanna) Really I'd be mad too If I lost a real down ass woman (Woman, woman) Take a deep breathe baby Cuz I'm paid So u bout to see me stunting (Skir, skir, skir) U ain't care enough to keep a good thing All what I do it like it's nuthin Do it like it's nuthin Do it like it's nuthin Do it like it's nuthin I'mma glow up Ooh ooh Throw it in ya face like yea Have some fun Throw it in ya face like yea Nah nah u had this one coming (Coming) I had to take back my loving (My loving) U thought that u was so clever But baby U know I know better How much did I warn u I kept telling ya ass what I'm gon' do U keep trying and trying my patience Now u lost and confused And u pacing U wasting ya time I promise I made up my mind Just worry bout u nigga I'mma be fine I'm good Save ya I'm sorrys just keep it Nothing u say is gonna stop me from leaving I'm out Ooh, ooh You can do that dumb shit somewhere else Yea baby They don't call me the Queen for nothing No, No You know what I know You know what I know That I got dat white raw Cash racks I can't catch no feelings tho No no feelings They told me bout you before Glad they told me But you still tryna make your move Still Still tryna get in groove Still She think cuz I bought her shoes Gucci That's gonna make the news That's gonna make the blow What's that in my back what Mary Jane She wanna be a boss like Mary J Con-door Camaros in the drive way No more drama like Mary J You started out mad And you goin outside You started out fine Then you in here I'm lyin You were stacked up The first time you showed up Stacked up And you are so low when a nigga glow tho U made me cry Now it's ur time Mary J. Blige Yeah I do I'mma glow up I'mma glow up, glow up Glow up, glow up Throw it in ya face like yea The queen The queen The queen

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