Black Panther

Black Panther

作詞:CuBeatz/Matt Schaeffer/Sounwave/Kendrick Lamar

作曲:CuBeatz/Matt Schaeffer/Sounwave/Kendrick Lamar

King of my city,
king of my country,
king of my homeland
King of the filthy,
king of the fallen,
we living again
King of the shooters, looters,
boosters, and ghettos poppin'
King of the past, present,
future, my ancestors watchin'
King of the culture,
king of the soldiers,
king of the bloodshed
King of the wisdom,
king of the ocean,
king of the respect
King of the optimistics
and dreamers that go and get it
King of the winners, district,
and geniuses with conviction
King of the fighters,
king of the fathers,
king of the belated
King of the answer,
king of the problem,
king of the forsaken
King of the empathy,
you resent me, king of remorse
King of my enemies,
may they father feed, I rejoice
King of the skyscrapers,
dodgin' haters, broke religion
Nine faces, go against 'em,
I erased 'em with precision
I embrace them with collision
Kings did it, king's vision,
Black Panther, King Kendrick
All hail the king

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