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Only for Love (Dance Mix)

Only for Love (Dance Mix)

Track by Limahl


作曲:Chris Hamill

Only For Love Words & Music: Limahl If that' s your problem don't let it show. You will find it self deceiving love can be unsure. Keep a level head maintain your pride. Then you can face the situation straight in the eye. And especially when she comes on strong. When she smiles that smile that leads you on. Try to see it through playing out your part. Making certain when you give your heart its. CHORUS Only For Love Only For Love Only For Love Love was never planned ever before. Some have spent their whole life searching cold and insecure. But as suddenly as that love will arrive. And you'll recognise the feeling ooh your on fire. And especially as she moves in close. When she moves that move there's no suppose. You'll find you're hunting when you'se apart. But when you give your heart its. CHORUS Repeat and fade....

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