AWAの学割 中学生以上の学生ならこんなにおトク!月額980円が月額480円に。まずは1か月無料でお試し!

作詞:グレッグ・ワッテンベルク/デレク・フルマン/アンドリュー・マクマホン/Daniel Omelio

作曲:グレッグ・ワッテンベルク/デレク・フルマン/アンドリュー・マクマホン/Daniel Omelio

I met up with an acrobat In Brooklyn or some place like that With life and taxis flying past We tore that dance hall down Pocket change and subway cars Our big ideas filled empty bars You might be from the moon or mars Either way, I'm never going home So, let's hang an anchor from the sun There's a million city lights but You're number one You're the reason I'm still Up at dawn, Just to see your face We'll be going strong With the vampires, baby We belong, we belong awake Swinging from the fire escape I was drinking from the wishing well Some junkie metal-head hotel When we boarded the carousel The roof was caving in On the stage my oxblood friend Was singing songs about the end The bankers in the lion's den We're dropping lines like beggars in the snow CHORUS Walking home your hand in mine Tattoos on the river line The morning birds are taking flight Either way I thought that you should know You're my number one CHORUS


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