Temporary Fix

Temporary Fix

Track by One Direction


作詞:Niall Horan/Wayne Hector/TMS

作曲:Niall Horan/Wayne Hector/TMS

Saw your body language
and I know how you're feeling
You look like the kind of girl
who's tired of speaking
Standing with somebody
But he doesn't know
what you like
You caught my attention,
you were looking at me first
All that I can see is
you waking up in my t-shirt
If you're not hooked to anything
Right now I can be your vice
All you need to know is
You can call me
when you're lonely
When you can't sleep,
I'll be your temporary fix
You control me,
even if it's just tonight
You can call me
when you feel like
I'm your good time,
I'll be your temporary fix
You can own me, and we'll call
this what you like
Let me be your good night
The night is on your lips
and I feel like I'm locked in
There's a million lights,
I don't care if they're watching
Your body's saying everything
I don't have to read your mind
Feel you on my neck
while I'm calling a taxi
Climbing over me
while I climb in the backseat
Now we're taking off

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