Good Wife

Good Wife

Track by MIKA


作曲:MIKA, James Bauer-Mein & David Sneddon

Comes on over wants to
drown his sorrows got a
two-seater sofa
and some whiskey in a bottle
Broke and in tears
With weight of the world
on his shoulder
Oh my God Sam
What's happened to ya? Says his
wife's just left him
With his two year old daughter
To live in Acapulco
with some idiot
she only met a couple months ago
I wish I could tell you that;
If it was me
I would be a good wife
I would never doubt you
Ours would be a good life
And we could be
Better than so many
I would never stress you
About bringing home the plenty
For all these things
Another life I'll have to wait
Would have been perfect
If only God had wanted it
But you'll never know and
we'll get old
Let's not talk about it
rest your head upon my shoulder
You'll never know
You'll never know
You'll never know the good life
You'll never know the good life
You'll never know the good life
Somebody once told me
That there are watchers
and there are doers
in this world
I guess I am a watcher
Not by choice
It's just what I was hurled
We're just two friends
It's not a risky situation

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