She's Kinda Hot

She's Kinda Hot
My girlfriend’s bitchin’
'cause I always sleep in
She’s always screamin’
when she’s calling her friend
She’s kinda hot though
Yeah, she’s kinda hot though
(Just an itty bitty little bit
My shrink is telling me
I got crazy dreams
She’s also saying
I got low self-esteem
She’s kinda hot though
Yeah, she’s kinda hot though
(Just a little bit a little bit
She put me on meds,
she won’t get out of my head
She’s kinda hot though
(One, two, three, go!)
My friend left college
'cause it felt like a job
His mom and dad both
think he’s a slob
He’s got a shot though
(No, not really)
Yeah, he’s got a shot though
(No, no, not really)
When you’ve got bigger plans
that no one else understands
You’ve got a shot though
(Oh my, that’s a big plan
you’ve got there)
They say we’re losers
and we’re alright with that
We are the leaders of the
But we’re alright though
Yeah, we’re alright though
We are the kings and
the queens
of the new broken scene

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