Show Some Respect (Extended Mix) [2015 Remaster]

Show Some Respect (Extended Mix) [2015 Remaster]

Track by Tina Turner


作詞:Sue Shifrin/Terry Britten

I made a resolution And I plan to keep my word But I need you to make it work You've gotta read the message Understand what's on my mind Cause not to see would be a crime And we could lose it anytime Chorus: We've got to show some respect We've got to learn to protect Don't take it for granted I know That if you want to stay close We've got to show some respect But I believe in working Then I believe in a little help Cause I'm not a light unto myself Without a thing of value Why settle for second best We don't know what's up ahead We can't let ourselves forget Chorus For the things that I love about you From the woman that you see inside Don't let it walk out the door Love follows every time Chorus

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