Red Face Big Sky

Red Face Big Sky

Track by Eddi Reader


作曲:E.Reader/Teddy Borowiecki

let's go walking to the edge of here let's go find the big sea maybe the sky will fall on us but I've got your name in my mouth like {wildfire} ah it's just like {wildfire} all the things you said make my face turn red each time someone somewhere stops to weep there's someone somewhere starts it's like {wildfire} just like {wildfire} wildfire wi.., wi..., ah-ee-ah wildfire in between the nothing that there is you walk into my life friend or foe the knife that cuts or sun that burns me white ah-hah shall we run or will we stumble will we touch or fumble look I'm Joan of Arc and I'm mumbling {love me} oh burn me, burn me {love me} oh-oh {love me} ooh, burn me, burn me, oh-oh {wildfire} hah-ah-ah {wildfire} just like {wildfire} ooh wildfire {wildfire} oo-ee {wildfire} oh {wildfire} ah {wildfire} oh [etc.] shall we run or stumble [fades]

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