Don't Even Try It

Don't Even Try It
Yo jeff whats shakin man
Whats up dude
Ay man remember that girl you
know when I was walking to
She used to diss me everyday
Man the record came out she
called me 2 days ago
Man my phone is off the hook
with people asking me for tapes
and free records
I aint with it
Word man
Bust this
This rap is for the people in
the past who were against me
Who snapped at every
opportunity to diss me
Put me down like I was nothing
treated me like a jerk
Now I'm seeing the pay off of
all my hard work
But now that its my records on
the reel
Somehow all of a sudden it's a
whole new deal
For those in the past who
dissed me don't deny it
What? Your sorry? Don't even
try it
Word man
People are a trip
Putting everybody down what's
up with that
Word man I gotta let em know I
Bust this
I used to know this girl by the
name of teresa
I did all I could to make her
release her
Emotions to me but she just
wouldn't do it
She built up a wall and I
couldn't break through it
I used to walk to school
everyday of the week
Watching teresa walk on the
other side of the street
One day I finally got my heart
up to speak
She dissed me and dismissed me
with a smack on my cheek
So I bought 6 bottles of new
fancy cologne
But all I got from teresa was
(leave me alone)
Bought new clothes to wear
every place
But all Teresa would say was
(get out of my face)
So I gave up this quest for
But then on the day my record
was released
A strange thing happened when
it came on the radio
Teresa broke her neck just to
say (hello)
I looked at her I said you must
be foolish
Why did you ignore me on the
way to school if you were
interested she said
(oh I apologise)
I looked deep into her dark
brown eyes
I said you ignored me for
months on end
Now all of a sudden you wanna
be my friend
You didn't talk before so don't
talk now what be quiet
What you really like me? Don't
even try it
Man she had a lot of nerve man
But man she ain't have half as
much nerve as that record
The one that dissed us man
What up
When I first started rapping I
had one idea
And it was set in my mind very
vivid and clear
I knew that I wanted to be a
rap artist
I'll give my all and work my
But when I took my song to a
record producer
He told me that I better go
drink some rap juice or
Something because my song was
really absurd
He said that it was the worst
trash that he'd ever heard
Yo my ego was shattered he
busted my groove
I could hear him cracking up as
I left the room
I thought my song was good but

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