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Rudy (Live At Wembley/1979)

Rudy (Live At Wembley/1979)

Track by Supertramp


作詞:ロジャー・ホジソン/Rick Davies

作曲:ロジャー・ホジソン/Rick Davies

Rudy's on a train to nowhere, halfway down the line He don't wanna get there, but he needs time He ain't sophisticated, nor well-educated After all the hours he's wasted, still he needs time. He needs time – he needs time for livin', He needs time – for someone just to see him. He ain't had no lovin' For no reason nor rhyme And the whole world's above him. Well it's not as though he's fat – No there's more to it than that – See he tries to play it cool – Wouldn't be nobody's fool. Rudy thought that all good things comes to those that wait But recently he could see that it may come too late. Too late, too late… All through your life, all through the years Nobody loved, nobody cared. So dim the light, dark are your fears Try as I might, I can't hold back the tears. How can you live without love, it's not fair? Someone said give but I just didn't dare, I didn't dare, I didn't dare. What good advice are you waiting to hear? Hearing's alright for them that's all there, hearing's alright You'd better, you'd better gain control now You'd better show 'em all now You'd better make or break now You'd better give and take now You'll have to push and shove now You'll have to find some love now You'd better gain control now. Now he's just come out the movie. Numb of all the pain, Sad but in a while he'll soon be back on his train…

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