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Break Up Song

Break Up Song

Track by Pixie Lott


作詞:ラミ・アフニ/ピクシー・ロット/Jim Irvin

作曲:ラミ・アフニ/ピクシー・ロット/Jim Irvin

By the grace of your lips I have known such happiness And the love in our hearts Shone a way through the dark But lately, lately, lately I Have felt on overwhelming need to cry And maybe, maybe, maybe we can try To make it right, oh to make it right Chorus: This is our break up song but, Can't we just get along for the night, not fight, one last goodbye For just a moment, let me hope and maybe hold back all the things we haven't said Make love like we just met By the way that you kiss I know it's over Yeah, all of this And the one world that we knew Has broken in two Cause lately, lately, lately, I Have felt a kinda change I can't deny And baby, maybe, maybe if we try We'd make it right, yeah we'd make it right (Repeat Chorus) Oh oh, I'm gonna miss the way you held me in the morning I'm gonna miss the future that we planned The way we fought, the way we kissed, the heat inside the tenderness Love was our religion, woo This is our break up song but, Can't we just get along for the night, in spite, of the hurt we hide For old times sake, won't you just take me by the waist and hold me underneath the sheets Make love tike our first week (Repeat Chorus) We just met...

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