Ordinary Man

Ordinary Man

Track by MIKA


作曲:MIKA, Skyler Stonestreet & Gustave Rudman

I woke up this morning
Just like every man does
Walked to the bathroom
just like every man does
Made my bed
just like everyone must
Nursed my head
just like everyone must
Spent the day
playing Nina Simone
Reorganised every record I own
I see my friends
we drink beer in a can
Half drunk they smile
"it'll be alright man"
Just like a king
who's loosing his worth
I'm like a snob
who's falling to earth
Everyone thinks
that I'm staying the same
Are they secretly happy
that I am in pain
So you say it's ordinary love
That's impossible to do
No such thing as ordinary love
I was ordinary just to you
Does it mean
that I'm a regular man

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