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Never Sleep Again

Never Sleep Again

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I like to stay up late. It does not keep key words. Haters got them in their voice always.always. Cause I just can't take it. I such a state. Take a breath. Running circles in my head. 爆音ミュージック かき鳴らして 何もかも全部 シャットアウトして 揺さぶる鼓動 駆られた衝動 Ready? Dance with me. So make some noise. You gonna addicted to me so. There is nothing in this world. I can not do yeah. 騒ぎ続けるさ Get my way. Dance with me. So make some noise. No loose ends this time. Get it? I lead off. You gotta face it first. Don't try to away. 夜明けまで騒ぎ続けるさ 乱世レディーゴー!! エンドレス 愛 キャット Let's go!! Everybody so ジャンプ ラリー ラリー Everybody so ザッツ 裸 田 塔 You have to give take. Even when you think your's right. Not run and hide. Make your way. It's time to choice Stop that lies end rise up now. Then you win over it. No need to fear it's time break out of the shell. 瞬きするよりも 早くて メマグルシク もてあそぶ No more time. It's way too late to play. On the go. No logics behind. Gonna keep on dancing. Do not give up no matter what!! 黒く塗りつぶした真実は Get out of my face!! この世は諸行無常はかなく散ってゆ く前に 全てを喰らえ


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