• 1.Eastside

作詞:Happy Perez/​benny blanco/Khalid, Halsey/Ed Sheeran

作曲:Happy Perez/​benny blanco/Khalid, Halsey/Ed Sheeran

Yeah, yeah
When I was young, I fell in love
We used to hold hands, man,
that was enough (yeah)
Then we grew up,
started to touch
Used to kiss
underneath the light
on the back of the bus (yeah)
Oh no,
your daddy didn't like me much
And he didn't believe me
when I said you were the one
Oh, every day
she found a way
out of the window
to sneak out late
She used to meet me
on the Eastside
In the city
where the sun don't set
And every day
you know that we ride
Through the backstreets
of a blue Corvette
Baby, you know
I just wanna leave tonight
We can go anywhere we want
Drive down to the coast,
jump in the seat
Just take my hand
and come with me
We can do anything
if we put our minds to it
Take your whole life
then you put a line through it
My love is yours
if you're willing to take it
Give me your heart
'cause I ain't gonna break it
So come away, starting today
Start a new life,
together in a different place
We know that love is
how all these ideas came to be
So baby, run away with me
Seventeen and we got a dream
to have a family
A house and everything
in between
And then, oh,
suddenly we turned twenty-three
Now we got pressure for
taking our life more seriously

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