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Track by Rihanna


作詞:Chauncey Hollis/J.P. Bourelly/R.Fenty/トラヴィス・スコット/Badriia Bourelly

作曲:Chauncey Hollis/J.P. Bourelly/R.Fenty/トラヴィス・スコット/Badriia Bourelly

stir it up pourage getting dope so rich ah smoke it and i ain't never liked a broke bitch i don't never fuck with ya hoe bitch quiet down oh shit so rich eyes low i'm so loaded eyes, pose bitch take it off wanna see you work it like omg and that thang is out i know you know and you bounce it like i know you know bitch i know you know bitch i know you know bitch i know like wow all my haters so so broke pipe down all these niggas so so broke so so broke oh shit so loaded? eyes low (jumping like you know) i am so lit eyes, pose bitch yazzzzz bitch let me see you get it no no no flexin i know that you with it pose bitch take a photo flick flick flick for fucking sho doe all you lame ass bitches is a no go and if you with it go fuckin loco, loco

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