So Far Away

So Far Away
  • 1.So Far Away

作曲:David Guetta, Jamie Scott, Martijn Garritsen, Giorgio Tuinfort & Jason Boyd

Light 'em up, light 'em up
Tell me where you are,
tell me where you are
The summer nights,
the bright lights
And the shooting stars,
they break my heart
I'm calling you now,
but you're not picking up
Your shadows so close
if you are still in love
Then light a match,
light a match
Baby, in the dark,
show me where you are
Oh, love
How I miss you every single day
when I see you on those streets
Oh, love
Tell me there's a river
I can swim
that will bring you back to me
'Cause I don't know
how to love someone else
I don't know how to forget
your face
Oh, love
God, I miss you every single day
and now you're so far away
So far away
It's breaking me, I'm losing you
We were far from perfect,
but we were worth it
Too many fights, and we cried,
but never said we're sorry
Stop saying you love me
You're calling me now,
but I can't pick up

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