Track by Shakira


作詞:Luis Fernando Ochoa

作曲:Luis Fernando Ochoa

Everybody needs an anchor A little something that makes you stay An incentive Someone to fight for 'Cause no one really needs so much space A couple years ago I was lonely I used to think that there was no God But then you looked at me with your blue eyes And my agnosticism turned into dust How well you know me That I don't care if the rest don't It doesn't matter to me, no As long as you love me As long as we still have each other CHORUS I knew we had something From the moment I met you I knew we had something No one thought it could be true Hey do you believe Do you believe in destiny? 'Cause I do as I did then When you were only 23 God knows that I'm a good dancer My feet can move to the music he plays But there were times I asked for an answer When he was acting in mysterious ways And there were nights that I stayed up crying 'Cause I was certain that things wouldn't change But then you came and I saw you smiling Just like an angel so beautifully strange And then you touched me It's like you were made for me Like it was all meant to be, oh And I was sure that you would love me And that we'd always have each other CHORUS Always thought that I was fine but I was wrong It was you, that one piece I was missing And I could do without you but It'd be no fun I found you And life was suddenly easy There ain't no worries now... Ain't no feelin' down... CHORUS


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