Walking in the Wind

Walking in the Wind

Track by One Direction


作詞:Harry Styles/John Ryan/Jamie Scott/Julian Bunetta

作曲:Harry Styles/John Ryan/Jamie Scott/Julian Bunetta

A week ago you said to me
"Do you believe
I'll never be too far?"
If you're lost, just look for me
You'll find me in the region of
the summer stars
The fact that
we can sit right here
and say goodbye
Means we've already won
A necessity for apologies
between you and me
Baby, there is none
We had some good times,
didn't we?
We had some good tricks up
our sleeve
Goodbyes are bitter-sweet
But it's not the end,
I'll see your face again
You will find me,
yeah you will find me
In places that we've never been
For reasons we don't understand
Walking in the wind,
walking in the wind
Yesterday I went out
To celebrate
the birthday of a friend

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