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You Dont Even Know

You Dont Even Know

作詞:Syd Bennett

作曲:Syd Bennett

[Intro during Chorus: Cappadonna] Uh, yeah.. Yo [Chorus 4X: Cappadonna] I don't even know you! [Cappadonna] Peep the scene, remember Cappadon' from Ice Cream I got my nice clean, my ice beam, my nice jeans Pillage For Life Team, we fight schemes, we bite Beans We mic fiends, we the light means We be ignitin' the scenes, we be enlightin' the teens Spicin' up my mental cuisines, my blunt steams My stunts screams, I hunt the princess and I hunt Queens Get a Dutch and I dump my greens No seeds in my weed, it's like tangarines But I'm spaced out, muthafuckas, and I'm dope fiends [Chorus 4X] [Cappadonna] Yo, I'm back on the set, like me and the kid LuLu Fuckin' with the ill hoes that eat doo-doo Dressed up Manhattan style, walkin' the poodle They put period blood inside noodle On a curious tip, they drop voodoo That's why when we see a bitch, man, we like "Yo, bitch, who you?" You know my style, my whole crew keep a nice shoe Original Don', slut, do you [Chorus] [Cappadonna] Yo, I'm a hot piece, my top piece, they top crease I knock beef, I drop teeth, I lock heat I boxbeats, I rock cleats, I stop sheets I pop a ecst', and I pop treats, my clock beeps With the pussy, my cock meets, my block creeps Shockin' ya peeps, my police gut is wop ya niece We big niggas and we like broccoli's Never let the Ox' leak, we top cheeks [Chorus 4X]

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