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I'm Feeling Good

I'm Feeling Good

作詞:M. Murphy/Neal Doughty

作曲:M. Murphy/Neal Doughty

REO Speedwagon Lost In A Dream I'm Feelin Good There just ain't no reason for the way that I feel The way that I feel, but I'm feeling good Lately things just ain't been going quite like they should Quite like they should, but I still feel good Let me explain that I witnessed the end of the world Like someone had hurled all the weight on me I couldn't see from my funeral walk just what I needed Just what I needed, but I couldn't see I spent the last few weeks with a chip on my shoulder I thought that I was alone with my tragedy (I couldn't take it) But if I see myself like an actor in a play, It makes me feel better; I'm not the only one Who doesn't get his way

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