Too Much Jewelry

Too Much Jewelry

Track by Migos




What's up Zay?
Trap Holizay
Solid since the first day
Allow me to lead the way
I just spent a cool half
a ticket on my jewelry (ice)
Clear white diamonds make your
eyesight blurry (blurry)
Excuse me I have on
too much jewelry (skrrt skrrt)
Never too much, never too much,
so much
I just cashed out on my neck,
that's a house
Head out, fuck a spouse,
we pop off, we ain't hearin' it
So much ice, young nigga,
he delirious
Never too much jewelry,
I'm serious (no)
Quarter ticket, half a ticket,
once I get it, spend it
(spend it)
Quarter ticket, half a ticket,
I'm a walkin' chicken (brr)
Quarter ticket, half a ticket,
this is not a gimmick (no)
Money comin' in, they think
we the ones that print it
Nah f'real,
we the ones that print it
We the ones that trend it,
it's a slight few, ain't many
Started it from the beginnin'
(back then),
they say money make 'em envy
My diamonds drawin' attention
(look) and they wet like Willie
Pocket cheesesteak, Philly
bitch bad and she with it
But I won't give her a penny
(nah), tryna go to Piccadilly
Rose gold's got drillin',
over the beautiful feelin'
I'ma let you get the bitch
but I'ma go get me some millions
(M & M's)
I chose to give me some paper
(chose to),
that was my own decision (mine)
Speed racin' in that
I done fucked around
and blew the engine
I pour an 8,
on top of 8 I just poured,
drank fuckin' wit' my vision
200K, count it before I do shows
and fuck your opinion
(nigga, fuck, opinion)
They told me I wouldn't make it,
said I wouldn't amount to shit
Nigga smilin' in your face,
really want you in a ditch

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