Mystic Child

Mystic Child

Track by Lou Reed


作詞:Lou Reed

It was only the time of the newly born dead with wispy cobwebs in your head the polar moon looked out instead goin' wild Liquor shifting through the brain the manic depressive goes insane goin' wild goin' wild Desperate anger hits the streets by the foul smelling river by the meat market goin' wild mystic child Goin' wild mystic child In the winter with frozen toes looking out the big windows to fly goin' wild Situation X out of control my eyes half opened like a mole who smiles goin' wild Who smiles goin' wild In the mystic morning where the river meets the hurdy-gurdy of the hip-hop beat 5 a.m. the viscous street Oh, wild goin' wild Out the window like a flash fallin' through a rooftop crash blind goin' wild Sick and misty like a pup by the curb he's throwin' up wild like a child Goin' wild like a child If he can't have all that relates to testify that he is great he'll cut someone with a broken plate stand upon the subway grate And smile goin' wild goin' wild with a smile Holy morning sun is up and someone here has lost his cups The dawn is tattered all cut up goin' wild like a mystic child Like a mystic child Sunday morning looking down from the rooftop goin' wild with a smile mystic child Top of the world he's got it made rings are gold, braids are jade jumped to the street, he's got it made goodbye, child Goodbye, child mystic child goin' wild like a mystic child Goodbye goodbye Goin' wild, ah goin' wild Like a mystic child holy morning sun is up and someone Going wild like a mystic, like a mystic, like a mystic - - Child goin'-goin', goin'-goin' wild Like a mystic child Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh Oh-oh-oh, oh Jumped to the street

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