Remember When

Remember When

Track by Avril Lavigne


作詞:Avril Lavigne

作曲:Deryck Whibley

Remember when I cried
to you a thousand times
I told you everything,
you know my feelings
It never crossed my mind
that there would be a time
For us to say goodbye,
what a big surprise
But I'm not lost, I'm not gone
I haven't forgot
These feelings
I can't shake no more
This feeling's
running out the door
I can feel it falling down
And I'm not coming back around
These feelings
I can't take no more
This emptiness
in the bottom drawer
It's getting harder to pretend
And I'm not
coming back around again
Remember when...
I remember when,
it was 'together till the end'
Now I'm alone again
where do I begin
I cried a little bit,
you died a little bit
Please say there's no regrets,
and say you won't forget
But I'm not lost, I'm not gone

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