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Do You Dig U?

Do You Dig U?

Track by Q-Tip


作詞:Kamaal Fareed/Kelvin Sholar

作曲:Kamaal Fareed/Kelvin Sholar

Are you runnin' late? Did you show 'em love? Even if you didn't there will never be another Like you Did you write the hit? Did you hit the bong? Even if you did it wit your friend under covers It's you Maybe it was on a strong run Either way actin' like get it done For the lovin' it was all one Cuz girl you know it takes one to know one but Do, Do you, dig you? Do, Do you, dig you? Did you drink the drink? Talkin' up the sun? Fightin' off the dragon when it's lookin' in the mirror At you Workin' all day Playin' all night All I wanna do it just get a little hit up To you It's you Do you dig you? [Fade out]

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