Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts

Track by Lizzo


作詞:Ricky Reed/jesse saint john/Steven Cheung/Lizzo

作曲:Ricky Reed/jesse saint john/Steven Cheung/Lizzo

Why're men great
till they gotta be great?
I just took a DNA test,
turns out I'm 100% that bitch
Even when I'm crying crazy
Yeah, I got boy problems,
that's the human in me
Bling bling, then I solve 'em,
that's the goddess in me
You coulda had a bad bitch,
Help you with your career
just a little
You're 'posed to hold me down,
but you're holding me back
And that's the sound of me
not calling you back
Why're men great
till they gotta be great?
Don't text me,
tell it straight to my face
Best friend sat me down
in the salon chair
Shampoo press,
get you out of my hair
Fresh photos
with the bomb lighting
New man on the Minnesota Vikings
Truth hurts,
needed something more exciting
Bom bom bi dom bi dum bum bay
You tried to break my heart?
Oh, that breaks my heart
That you thought you ever had it
No, you ain't from the start
Hey, I'm glad you're back
with your bitch
I mean
who would wanna hide this?
I will never, ever, ever, ever,
ever be your side chick
I put the sing in single
Ain't worried 'bout a ring
on my finger
So you can tell your friend,

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