New Orleans

New Orleans

Track by Grace


作詞:Grace Sewell/Charles Hinshaw, Jr./Mario "R!o" Jefferson

作曲:Grace Sewell/Charles Hinshaw, Jr./Mario "R!o" Jefferson

Kinda lonely in New Orleans
I play the same old record
Makes me think of
when we first met
So I wait 'til the phone rings
Said you'd call me
by the morning,
why you been hiding, darling
what you been up to, I'm bored
I stay up all night
but I need love to keep me kind
I can't do this anymore,
who's gon' catch me when I fall
What is love if we born to die
I need us keep me high
I can't do this anymore,
will you hold me when I'm gone
When you're gone
When you're gone
I light
another Newport cigarette
Take another sip now
you on my lips
Find another way
we got to switch
I might even leave
just to get you pissed
Where is my baby
I've been waiting for youuu

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