Say What You Will

Say What You Will

Track by Eric Clapton


作詞:Simon Climie/Eric Clapton

作曲:Simon Climie/Eric Clapton

Say what you will
Good love is hard to find
I've had my fill
of the hurting kind
Take a lot of money
To buy up all the pain
Take a lot of honey
To fill me up put me back
On my feet again
You've seen the worst
Still you find the best of me
And my love was cursed
Of losing destiny
Take a lot of linen
To dry up all the tears
Take a lot of grinning
Cheered me up
Put me back
On my feet again
You know I needed a friend
That I could tell my troubles to
You've been my friend
So I will give my love to you
Good love from me to you
Here it comes again

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