The Queen

The Queen

Track by LADY GAGA


作詞:Lady Gaga/Fernando Garibay

作曲:Lady Gaga/Fernando Garibay

Oh tonight I'm gonna show
Them what I'm made of, oh
The killer queen inside me's
coming to say hello
Oh tonight I will return
The fame and riches earned
With you I'd watch them
all be burned
Woah woah
Whenever I start
feeling strong I'm called a
bitch in the night
But I don't need
these 14 karat guns to win
I am a woman I insist,
it's my life
I can be the queen
that's inside of me
This is my chance to release
And be brave for you
You'll see
I can be the queen
you need me to be
This is my chance
to be the dance
I've dreamed it's happening
I can be the queen
I am wind and hurricane
The stormy sky and rain
When you run dry
I'll flood your pain
Woah woah
In between the moments of
The lady I've become
A voice beats throug the
Noise like drums

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