Phantom(By Lipstick)

Phantom(By Lipstick)

Track by OKAMOTO'S




The cafe window's
like a movie screen
Shows me some strangers
falling in love
My cup of coffee
doesn't work at all
I'm so alone, wanna sleep
You used to always wear a
red lipstick said
「Then I can leave a
proof that I was here」
Don't worry I'm so good at
forgetting things
So go away before I recall
I painted my mask to a
different color
Poisoned my past with memories
Still when I find a lipstick
smudge on the cup
I look for your shadow
I know that
there's no girl like you,
but what can I do?
I've got no choice,
I'm in this hole alone.
I need some more,
my heart's so empty
Aren't there any
phantoms that you left for me?
Are you gonna laugh if
you see me trying
to find a lipstick
smudge that you left
I need some more,
my heart's so empty

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