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All Night Long(Album Version (Explicit))

All Night Long(Album Version (Explicit))

Track by Rakim


作詞:ウィリアム・グリフィン/Michael Harper

作曲:ウィリアム・グリフィン/Michael Harper

I'm back! The god remains, still at the end They sabotage the game, still I'm a win Rakim Allah's the name, and with a pen No one can dodge the rain, kill'em again In a club or the streets I swerve, cool in the cut Looking to see what occurs, crusin' the truck Shorty got deadly curves, soothin' her up If I must explain with words, I smooth as a fuck! The world's most greatest hip-hop's elite You obsolete, you cannot compete, drop the beat Keep ya ear to the ground when I rock the street Cock the heat, we deep papi got to eat So cut on the mic and spit, I much rougher Plenty of ice and a whip, plus a crusher Because I don't like to stick, or bust a brother Long as they never forget I'm a ill muther fucker So if you love to get your party on And you feel that your game is strong And you get mad when the broads is gone You like it all-night-long And when they love it when the place is warm And they go out for their favorite song They hate when the player game is wrong They like it all-night-long My caliber's out rated Yeah player, so why hate it My rhyme through out of control, when I say it Spit back with a rap or gat, can I spray it How can I say it? I leave it de-hydrated I take aim, and he keep the place flamin' Till the place cave in, aye yo this ain't a safe haven The best is yet to come, so they stay in They keep the music loud, the lights is low The kid with a different style, I like to flow It's time to move the crowd, tonight's the show See what it's all about, they like to go Get henny and mo and cris, the clothes, the platinum, gold, the wrist Plenty of doe, and chicks who pose for flicks Women who love roll their hips, when I'm holding this My mic's a equipped with a microchip, with a million Megs Bite this I might flip, spread a billion plagues Put medicine in it before I kill ya dead You can get away, if you can fill your legs Could you walk? No, at least you thought though Auto fours blow a hole in your torso Damage his brain with more flow until he talk slow Try to say something now? I thought so! I leave emcee's bleeding, while I'm fleeing across sea-in Start breeding, double my Swiss cheese in Sweden Free on the weekend, come back see if he breathing They breathing, somebody left his brains beat in A deadly attack is rare, style will be raw Be ready to rap you'll hear, as wild as before If I bust a gat in the air, watch the galaxy fall And the world will be splat on the floor, that'll be all

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