Chasin' the Wind

Chasin' the Wind

Track by Chicago


作詞:Diane Warren

作曲:Diane Warren

Did the best I could
To make you mine
If you ever felt anything for me
Well, you never gave a sign
Thought time would make you
Make you want me
But baby, I never had a chance
Now I know that there's
just some things
Just not meant to be
No use
Making you care about me
No way
that I'm gonna win
Oh darlin'
I might as well be
Chasin' the wind
Oh, I'm just
Chasin' the wind
Opened up my heart
Let you inside
If love was what you were
lookin' for
Well, I guess it wasn't mine
So I guess I better go
It's over and done
But you know
I'm not really sad at all
'Cause you can't really say

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