The Hardest Walk

The Hardest Walk

作詞:Jim Reid/William Reid

作曲:Jim Reid/William Reid

I never thought that this day would ever come When your words and your touch just struck me numb Oh and it's plain to see that it's dead The thing swims in blood and it's cold stony dead It's so hard not to feel ashamed Of the loving living games we play Each day And I'm stuck in a shack Down the back of the sea Oh and I'm alive and I'm alone Inside a sick sick dream Oh is it me Is it me that feels so weak I cannot deceive but I find it hard to speak The hardest walk you could ever take Is the walk you take from A to B to C I walk Oh honey I talk Don't want you to want me Don't want you to need me Don't want you to need me Don't want you to need me And I walk

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