No One Else Like You

No One Else Like You

Track by Adam Levine


作詞:Gregg Alexander/Nick Lashley

作曲:Gregg Alexander/Nick Lashley

Oh oh woah oh woah oh oh
Woah oh oh oh woah oh oh
Ohhh yaaa
Is everything just right?
Don't want you thinking that
I'm in a hurry
I want to stay your friend
I have this vision that has got
me worried
Cause everyone wants someone
That's one cliche that's true
Instead choose, I want no one
Unless that someone's you
And looks like you
Feels like you
Smiles like you
I want someone just like you
Through and through or I'm
forever blue
Cause there's no one else
I hope that you're not mad
You always said you want a man
of action
I'm not the hottest lad, no
There's more to life than
physical attraction
You got your special someone
But between me and him guess who
Will spend their whole life
For someone just like you
That looks like you
That feels like you

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