Blues From A Gun

Blues From A Gun

作曲:Jim Reid/William Reid

I don't care about the state of my hair I got something out of nothing That just wasn't there And your kiss kiss kiss Is never gonna blow me away Dreams of escape keep me awake I'm never gonna get out and make it away I'm a stone dead tripper Dying in a fantasy Like a cracked open sky it helps you to die Don't split it scrape it You're screaming automatic pain Too young kid you're gonna get hit Looks like your never gonna make it Off the government list I don't mind about the state of my mind But you know it's good for nothing And I left you behind It's a sick sick city But it's never gonna make me insane If you're talking for real Then go cut a deal You're facing up to living out The way that you feel And you shake shake shake 'Cause you know you'll never make it away Well I guess that's why I've always Got the blues

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