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TV Tan

TV Tan


I'm living on a land-mine my body's ticking away, my cartoon eyelids and my skin, a sickly grey and if I waited by the 'phone line I'd wait a couple of days so I'm here lying on my bed, until I fade I flick the channels one to one, I flick them through again and all the time I'm dreaming better days CHORUS: and now I see no sun, I see no life behind my one-track mind here I need no fun, I need no time to find a new design move along I'm working on my 3-D TV tan softso KO - I need another show softso KO - it's just a part of the plan softso KO - there's only me and my TV Tan some day maybe I'll call you I'll see whenever I'm free.. maybe Tuesday, when there's nothing on TV 20 Regal and a 4-pack I guess I'm set for the night and anti-social, to keep in shape, thin and white I light a smoke, and in'tween tokes, consult the TV guide the bible for the pig who stays inside CHORUS thinning, I'm thinning and insanely grinning and fools peering out of my TV try hard to be funny unfortunate for me they start to entertain ye I'm living on a land-mine, the kind that never ignites and I'm here waiting, here for nothing... CHORUS

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