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Marian (Version)

Marian (Version)

作曲:Andrew Eldritch/Wayne Hussey

In a sea of faces, in a sea of doubt In this cruel place your voice above the maelstrom In the wake of this ship of fools I'm falling further down If you can see me, Marian, reach out and take me home..... CHORUS I hear you calling Marian Across the water, across the wave I hear you calling Marian Can you hear me calling you to Save me, save me, save me from the Grave... Marian Marian, there's a weight above me And the pressure is all too strong To breathe deep Breathe long and hard To take the water down and go to sleep To sink still further Beneath the fatal wave Marian I think I'm drowning This sea is killing me CHORUS Was ich kann und was ich könnte (What I can do and what I could do) Weiß ich gar nicht mehr (I just don't know anymore) Gib mir wieder etwas Schönes (Give me something beautiful again) Zieh mich aus dem Meer (Drag me from the sea) Ich höre dich rufen, Marian (I hear you calling Marian) Kannst du mich schreien hören (Can you hear me calling?) Ich bin hier allein (I am here alone) Ich höre dich rufen, Marian (I hear you calling Marian) Ohne deine Hilfe verliere ich mich in diesem Ort (Without your help I am lost in this place) CHORUS (repeat Marian til end)

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