Dangerous Woman

Dangerous Woman

Track by Ariana Grande


作詞:マックス・マーティン/Ross Golan/Johan Carlsson

作曲:マックス・マーティン/Ross Golan/Johan Carlsson

Don't need permission Made my decision To test my limits Cuz it's my business God as my witness Start what I finished Don't need no hold up Taking control of This kinda moment I'm locked and loaded Completely focused My mind is open All that you got Skin to skin Oh my God Don't chya stop, boy Something 'bout you Makes me feel like A dangerous woman Something 'bout Something 'bout Something 'bout you Makes me wanna do Things that I shouldn't Something 'bout Something 'bout Something 'bout Nothing to prove and I'm bulletproof and Know what I'm doing The way we're moving Like introducing Us to a new thing I want a savor Save it for later The taste, the flavor Cuz I'm a taker Cuz I'm a giver It's only nature I live for danger All girls wanna be like that Bad girls underneath like that You know how I'm feeling inside Something 'bout Something 'bout you (repeat x2) Something 'bout Something 'bout Something 'bout you

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