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Big Apple

Big Apple

Track by Kajagoogoo


作曲:Jeremy Strode/Nick Beggs/Steve Askew/Stuart Neale

(INSTRUMENTAL INTRODUCTION) (VERSE 1) Assassin with gun is taking his aim to target his rival And tossing the street is a dangerous game, the stakes are survival Love in that stranger still fearing that danger Still crying in some avenue and soon the hate will be there too (CHORUS) Life in the big apple moves very fast and so must you Do like the others do and don't you drag your heels Life in the big apple moves very fast… (VERSE 2) Cops on route are hot in pursuit as windows are shattered Caf and arcade are teeming with loot, the sidewalks are scattered Walking… just seeing… While dealer man enjoys his wealth You spare the rope he'll hang himself (INSTRUMENTAL CODA)

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