Listen (featuring Avril Lavigne)

Listen (featuring Avril Lavigne)

Track by ONE OK ROCK


作詞:Taka/Colin Brittain/Nick Long

作曲:Taka/Colin Brittain/Nick Long

You always call me
full of regret
You want me to save you again
After all these years,
the days go by
I've seen you
fall a million times
Everybody makes mistakes
It feels so hard
to watch you hurt
From that pain a lesson learned
This is how you find your way
You feel so lost
I've been there too
Skies so dark no way through
Stories only scars can tell
I've got so much love
for you my friend
Ride or die until the end
But only you can save yourself
You just have to
Listen, listen
I hope that you know
Listen, listen
I won't let you go

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