Another Day Of Sun

Another Day Of Sun

作曲:Justin Hurwitz

Ba-ba-da-ba da-ba-da-ba
Ba-ba-ba ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba
Ba-ba-da-ba da-ba-da-ba
Ba-ba-ba ba
I think about that day
I left him at a
Greyhound station
West of Santa Fé
We were seventeen,
but he was sweet and it was true
Still I did what I had to do
'Cause I just knew
Summer Sunday nights
We'd sink into our seats
Right as they dimmed out all
the lights
A Technicolor world made out of
music and machine
It called me to be
on that screen
And live inside each scene
Without a nickel to my name
Hopped a bus, here I came
Could be brave or just insane
We'll have to see
'Cause maybe in that sleepy town
He'll sit one day,
the lights are down
He'll see my face
and think of how he...
...used to know me
Climb these hills
I'm reaching for the heights
And chasing all the lights
that shine
And when they let you down
You'll get up off the ground

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