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From Now On (Live At Wembley/1979)

From Now On (Live At Wembley/1979)

Track by Supertramp


作詞:ロジャー・ホジソン/Rick Davies

作曲:ロジャー・ホジソン/Rick Davies

Monday has come around again I'm in the same old place With the same old faces always watching me Who knows how long I'll have to stay Could be a hundred years Of sweat and tears At the rate that I get paid Sometimes I slowly drift away From all the dull routine That's with me every day A fantasy will come to me Diamonds are what I really need Think I'll rob a store, escape the law And live in Italy Lately my luck has been so bad You know the roulette wheel's A crooked deal I'm losing all I had Soon be like a man that's on the run And live from day to day Never needing anyone Play hide and seek Throughout the week My life is full of romance Guess I'll always have to be Living in a fantasy That's the way it's got to be From now on You think I'm crazy I can see It's you for you, and me for me Living in a fantasy From now on

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