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I'm(Album Version)

I'm(Album Version)

Track by Remy Ma


作詞:R.SMITH/L. "D.B." Crump

作曲:R.SMITH/L. "D.B." Crump

(Hook:) You look like a bitch gotcha face all bent up I like a pimp got my gators and my pimp You take orders and run errands I take vacations with killers and four time felons You outside on line like where the weed I'm inside getting high V.I.P stats You where the rats and the D's at I'm where the B's and the C's and the real O.G's at (Verse 1:) Ayo the girl spits harder than most dudes I give it to you on any given sunday like soul food I aint even gotta double my vocals I do a main scence that lives and the rest is produce I'm in the booth wit no shoes and my chain be bangin the mic so I don't got on no jewels I'm so hot and I done told you You aint no kiddin to me so basically I don't know you You don't know me homie I clap you with yo heat If this was a lake I'd be a mother fucking Ojay Set off the sirens form thy alliance Its a four alarm blaze and I'm on fire I was talking to Kanye and I heard the wire That I'm the truth and your a liar I'm the queen of rap and there is none higher and all you slut bag hoers should call me sire (Hook 1X) (Verse 2:) I'm like fuck that this is it All these other chicks is wack and I'm the shit See I'm from New York so I repped the Knicks I'mma I'mma Husslin I could get them bricks They say my flow is crazy and I could spit and I rap as if I had a dick Bitches is bad but I'm that bitch Listen I'm so above the average Now my walk is mean but my whip is sick I can't stand a clown but I love a trick I see a group of dudes and I take my pick Like you you and you with the Timbs hi nice to meet you my name is Rem I don't drive a caddy but I'm stuntin like a pimp struct With a diddy bop looking something like a lick I cleaned up my money now I'm filthy fucking rich (shit) (Hook 1X) (Verse 3:) See I'm from where niggas stash packs in the backs of their ball sack and pump crack, yak, D, weed and that Put more baking soda in there coke to get more back Roc Timberlands uptowns White Tees and sports hats We kill all rats tell lies cheat and steal Tints pitch black even gotta em on the windsheild Liscense suspended Vehicles rented Warrants open cases several offenses No phone no cable notices of eviction Parents is addicted kids don't listen No rules no school no food in the kitchen and the staircase and elevator smell like piss You can only talk tough if you do tough things If you aint from around here you better tuck them blings Only difference between me and you is that I got out the hood but the hood is still in me (Hook 1X)

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