Sooner You Get To Love

Sooner You Get To Love

Track by J. Holiday



Yeah yeah yeah, yeahhhh [Chorus] The sooner you give, The sooner you get to have(the sooner you get to have) A love of your own (a love of your own) The longer it takes the better you grow to know A love of your own Stop faking baby we've know each other to long to be acting like this, But the longer that it take the better you gone feel you get high like this, yeah And I must admit that the shit driving me crazy cause I really want you to be my baby, But I already know that your not ready, so baby girl don't think I'm beggin', I'll just say. [Chorus] I'll admit it baby just say yeah, 'Cause I'm get you high high and it gone feel better than ever, Say yeaaah, 'Cause I'm a take you to the sky so we can fly together, But baby there's no pressure, You can take your time just open up your mind, My arm are open wide, It's all on you so what you wanna do, baby it's okay if you ain't ready, So I'll just say to you [Chorus]

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