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We have no doubt

We have no doubt

Track by BIGMAMA


Time and tide wait for no light Twinkle star was hidden by the brightness Dime just my size Well, if you have an unhappy look, There is no more meaning in the world Walking in star shine End of day I don't hate The night picks me up from the nightmare And as I am looking up My heart will be falling down How small am I Because I am a liar I can tell all your lies But I will not say anything, anywhere I will believe every word, every lie you say Never lose your mind that is all I want Swear by my name Listen to me my sweet heart You got to be calm. I beg your favor No matter where you go I will be with you On the grass, I could not stir Looking up so blindly Beautiful and kind to me you were Tomorrow does not always come Word is not so certainly I do not know We have no doubt

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