Track by Crossfaith


作詞:Drew Fulk、Kenta Koie

作曲:Drew Fulk、Crossfaith/Drew Fulk

Diavolos 'You Can't See Me With Your Eyes But I Definitely Exist Inside Of Your Weakness' I'm Taking Back My Life And Demons Won't Hold Me Down I See This Is Really Happening Feel Like I'm Drowning Cause I'm Paralyzed (Paralyzed) Try To Run Ward(Through) Off The Lies Around Me I'd Rather Die Than Watch My Life Pass Me By When You're Locked Inside The Dark You Can Put Your Hands On Me It's Time To Ignite I See The Fire In The Sky And It's The Anchor Of Light Singin' Oh, Oh, Oh Come See The Fire In The Sky We Can Strike To Ignite Singin' Oh, Oh, Oh Just Let Go No One Can Stop Us We'll Fight Till We Die ('Till We Die) You'll Never Haunt Us We Will Overcome (Overcome) Diavolos 'Do You Think That You Can Run Away From Me?' Take What You Want Cheap Pride And Greed I Bury In The Grave Kill Your Lies Cause I Will Overcome We're Never Locked Inside The Dark Come And Raise Your Hands In The Air It's Time To Ignite Will You Come See The Fire Tonight?

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