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Cholly (Album Version)

Cholly (Album Version)

Track by Fishbone


作詞:A. Moore

作曲:A. Moore

Cholly - Woman with the big thighs Cholly - Lady with the hazel eyes Golly - Cholly make me feel good Golly - Like you know a ho should I love you Cholly when you're chickling my wally I love it baby when you shake your fat derriere Cholly make me feel good - Cholly Cholly - We can watch the sun rise Cholly - Let me touch your thig pies Golly - Really really big thighs Cholly - Cholly hit me in the eye-eye-a-eye-eye-a-a-eye-a-eye Ouch!!! Cholly make me feel good Cholly Cholly make me feel good Cholly I love ya Cholly with your big fat body Oh oh golly Cholly you're just chubbly wubbly wobbly You make me happy when you shake-ling your tub of taffy You wiggly jiggly do the Fatso Fatty do the Ripple. Cholly

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