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Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

Track by Styx


作詞:デニス・デ・ヤング/Tommy R. Shaw

作曲:デニス・デ・ヤング/Tommy R. Shaw

Yeah yeah! Don't look now, but here come the eightees! I was so cool back in sixty-five I had it made 'cause I understood what to do to survive I had my car, and I made the scene Didn't give a damn about no gasoline They can go to hell My friend we never thought about the world And its realities The promised land was ours We were the Great Society I'm so confused by the things I read, I need the truth But the truth is, I don't know who to believe The left say yes, and the right says no I'm in between and the more I learn Well, the less that I know I got to make a show Livin' high, living fine Livin' high on borrowed time Yes! No! Yes! No! No! Yes! No! Yes! Faith be with me now I'm just a dreamer in a dreamland Faith be with me now I'm just a dreamer in a dreamland 'Cause we're Livin' high Livin' fine (You know I'm livin' fine) Livin' high (Yes I'm livin' high) On borrowed time (On borrowed time) Livin' high (Whoohoo!) Livin' fine (Ahhh!) Livin' high On Lake Shore Drive (Midnight ride) Livin' high (We're livin' high) On Leslie Lane (Let's go back and play it again!) Livin' high (We're livin' high) On Red Bud Trail (On Red Bud, Red Bud Trail!) Livin' high On Central Drive (He's on Central Drive!) Livin' high (We're livin', livin' high) On Prestwick Drive (Catch me on Prestwick Drive!...) Livin' high (...gettin' in and drivin' my Mercedes...) Livin' fine (...up and down and up and down -- sh*t! I don't....)

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