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Crushed Egos

Crushed Egos

Track by Wu-Tang Clan


作詞:A. Younge/C. Woods/R. Diggs

You practice 20 years? you must be extremely good then Perhaps you'd try with me Verse 1: Come and taste my seasoning Chef the cooking that is marvelous Back over the stove making your mouth water You starve for this exclusive sneakers with hard denim Heavyweight and neighbor illustrator Alex Haley with paper Waves spitting like the Titanic come take a float on Silky like King Henry the 8th's robe in late spring Restaurants with skeleton keys is big business Well groomed and elegant postures real dapper Status is gigantic coats is alpaca Meetings in the Vatican drinking scotch with the muscle milk Praises go to the ace on the dynasty Mr. Russell built Feed me royal shotta with glocks cleaning with tea tree oil China dolls from Bangkok be banging train em and make em loyal The tree stuck she come kiss the top of my Yves St. YS universal chain with I bang grizzly with the big bang Its 5 stars y'all when I call rain Chorus (x2): Egos is something that the Wu-Tang crush You stupid jealous niggas y'all fuck you get rush Cause ashes to ashes and dust to dust These derelict MCs they cannot fuck with us Verse 2: Rifles out bear like the Russian Out gun the tub silk drawers Fronting while the heads stunting Mo' insane flood the garage Mountain goat lodge and charge cards from Africa Catch me in the hookah lodge Brains link twist the Cohibas save the seeds Coffee pots with graveyard rings flipping G's Yankee ruling on the top of the charts Dart throwers they sharks Everyone run when my gun barks Verse 3: Athletic anti-semetic synthetic rappers get no credit Pathetic accept their lies their competition style is now emphetic Wu-Tang slang bangs to your brain And send out genetic prophetic unadulterated talent While you talk that bullshit rhetoric Chorus

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