Track by Cro-mags


作詞:Harley Francis Flanagan

作曲:Parris Mitchell Mayhew

Victims of forgotten wars Forgotten lives No one ever hears them cry no Fallen soldiers under crimson sky No one ever wonders why The tanks come rolling in You know they just can't win no The politician lies Innocent people die A mother watches as her baby dies A soldier starts to wonder why Look up into the sky Hear the bullets fly Don't feel the horror in their hearts As bullets tear their lives apart Bodies burning in the madness Can you still believe their lies? Look around at the pain and the chaos Smell the corpses putrify For some so called righteous cause So many victims die For the gains of the rich So many poor must die No feelings for the pained Drowning in pools of blood Never hear the mother's screams Uncovering her dead child's limbs in the mud Is a heroes welcome received When he returns from war Or just the pain and confusion Of a guilt that he can't ignore Unleashed weapons of destruction Slaughtering the innocent overseas A soldier comes back half a man Begging for handouts on his knees Oh those medals don't mean nothing To you anymore It was all for some rich man's gain Now ask yourself what for Sticks a needle in his arm To help him ease the pain Still hearing the screams of his dying friends He searches for a vain Mother stares out in the dark Still remembers her baby's smile Calling out her child's name Living in total denial The pain has reached both shores now The system stays the same Don't you see that we're just pawns To their power games Oh we won't take it won't be victims Of their war No we won't take it what have they Got us fighting for? We're just the victims of their war We're all the victims of their war

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